Genetic Screening

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We offer comprehensive solutions to all of your Genetic screening needs with a focus on Cancer and Pharmacogenetic screenings.  Our offerings benefit patients, physicians and medical practitioners alike.  We offer a bespoke approach to clinical administration of patients, providing a given physician with advantageous genetic information for each patient.

We assist is providing physicians and medical practitioners with the opportunity to offer personalized medicine through patient genetic profiling to ensure that only the right medications and methods are applied per given circumstance.

A cornerstone of our service offerings is genetic testing.  Our CGx testing service can provide a glimpse into the future by checking for and revealing possible genetic mutations that may increase a patient’s chance or risk of developing certain types of cancer.

At the molecular level, certain inherited genes passed from parents to their children can have multiple effects on the overall health of the children. Mutations can reveal a patient’s predisposition toward developing a type of cancer that may have affected their ancestor(s).

CGx testing is available for many types of cancers including: breast, ovarian, colon and thyroid.

The importance of CGx testing to a patient includes:

  • Early determination of risk of developing cancer; and
  • Provision of accurate information to guide a proper health care plan.

There is a level of uncertainty when conducting DNA genetic testing and no genetic test can predict with 100% certainty if you will develop cancer. However, a CGx test can provide you with valuable information as to whether you have an elevated risk. Contact us and schedule your screening today.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Screening

Pharmacogenetic refers to the study and evaluation of an individual’s response to medications due to their inherited genetic make-up. The goal of Pharmacogenetics is to understand how someone’s genetic variations determine how well a medicine works in that individual’s body, as well as what side effects are likely to occur.

Because our bodies process medications differently, Pharmacogenetics research provides accurate information to guide doctors as to the right medication to recommend for a person suffering from a given condition.

Pharmacogenetics works hand-in-hand with genetic profiling to achieve a clear blueprint for each patient. The most prominent advantage of Pharmacogenetics is its ability to eliminate guesswork, trial and error, in the administration of drugs while treating patients.

PGx Testing facilitates the:

  • Identification of effective treatment therapies;
  • Guidance of medication dosing; and
  • Reduction of potential side effects.

Pharmacogenetic knowledge provides direction.  Contact us and schedule your screening today.

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